Tuesday, December 30, 2008

photo shares

Hi everyone i trust you have recovered from all the Christmas celebrations. Its NYE and i thought id leave you with a couple of photos from the past week. Larsen is growing like a weed we had him weighed yesterday and he is 4.230 kgs (almost at Addisons birth weight) he is 4 weeks today. He is tracking things with his eyes and i have had one smile (which melted my heart) Addison has been so good with him he says "thats Larsen "all day long and wants to give him toys. David is still home and spending heaps of time with Addison which has been a big help to me.
These photos of Larsen were taken about a week ago they are just precious. The up close one is my favourite so far and the one where he is stretching is just after i have un wrapped him from his nap.

These photo s of Addison were taken yesterday ...... how to keep a two year old busy for an hour. He carried his empty pool around the back yard hiding under it then walking with it over his head for over an hour. LOL next time I might even put some water in it for him LOL
Well best go enjoy your NYE and see you in 2009.

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