Tuesday, December 30, 2008

photo shares

Hi everyone i trust you have recovered from all the Christmas celebrations. Its NYE and i thought id leave you with a couple of photos from the past week. Larsen is growing like a weed we had him weighed yesterday and he is 4.230 kgs (almost at Addisons birth weight) he is 4 weeks today. He is tracking things with his eyes and i have had one smile (which melted my heart) Addison has been so good with him he says "thats Larsen "all day long and wants to give him toys. David is still home and spending heaps of time with Addison which has been a big help to me.
These photos of Larsen were taken about a week ago they are just precious. The up close one is my favourite so far and the one where he is stretching is just after i have un wrapped him from his nap.

These photo s of Addison were taken yesterday ...... how to keep a two year old busy for an hour. He carried his empty pool around the back yard hiding under it then walking with it over his head for over an hour. LOL next time I might even put some water in it for him LOL
Well best go enjoy your NYE and see you in 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas photos

Well we survived Christmas without too mant dramas !
Christmas morning found Addiosn anxious to open the presents under the tree he was eager to open all of them thinking of course they were all his. Both he and Larsen were very lucky Santa was very kind to both, below are a couple of gift opening photos, not the best but thats all i got.
We spent the day at David's brothers house on the Gold coast, Addison had a ball playing with their dog Kelly in the end Kelly was a bit scared of Addison as he literally would not leave her alone.
We ate too much as usual and David drank too much as usual LOL so i ended up having to drive home with everyone else asleep in the car. I love christmas time its such a great time to be with family but now we can try to get back to our normal routine, if thats possible as Larsen is starting to have a few issues with going to sleep.
Hope you all had a great day your selves and i look forward to scrapping some more photos of the kids asap

Addison "helping " Larsen open his presents.
Humpty Dumpty a gift from my sister and her family.

Addison eagerly ripping open the wrapping to his car mat.

till next time

Monday, December 22, 2008

layout shares

Good afternoon, as promised ive got some layouts of Larsen to share. I finished two layouts yesterday, they are fairly simple - thats all i have time for these days but i am pleased with them. the first one documents Larsens sleepy ness during the first weeks and the second one well speaks for it self i am now out numbered LOL.

We took Addison to his favourite indoor play centre this morning he had a blast as usual but his fav thing to do is to dive in the balls.

Can you believe Larsen is 3 weeks tomorrow time has flown by, tomorrow is chrissy eve so if i dont get back on everyone have a great christmas and i hope Santa is good to you.



Sunday, December 21, 2008

beautiful bubba

Hi all its coming up so close to Christmas, only 3 sleeps to go, Addison is still unsure of what is happening, he knows that Santa is coming but is not really sure of what that means. He has been so good with the presents under the tree hasnt tried to touch them yet.
I spent some time today taking various photos of little Larsen although, he is not so little any more his 0000 clothing is almost too small fof him.

I also started another layout which i hope to finish tonight and will show soon, these beautiful photos are just begging me to scrap them just need to find the time.

Dont you just love bubba feet.

Daddy and Speedy ( his nickname for Larsen since his birth was so fast)

Drunk from mummys milk.

I'll share more photos tomorrow please come back then. Be good and enjoy your night


Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Larsen layout

Good evening all, well ive done it! I finished my first layout for Larsen, im pretty happy with it although it took me two attempts to do it as i was too tired the first time, its basically the very first picture taken of him when he was placed in my arms at birth. Hope you like it. Ive actually finished another one of him as well but im saving that to use for my next scraploot blog update. Ive also addded some photos taken of Addison today he is absolutely obsessed with water and his water tray, he asks to play with it every day.

This layout i finished just before Larsen was born, Addison loves the rainbows that appear around the house at various times of the day, this was made using a hambly transparency, I then attached the coloured papers and cardstock by sewing with my machine.
Ive taken some beautiful photos of David and Larsen and Larsen asleep so ill be back soon with another update. Can you believe he is two and a bit weeks old already.
take care
ps A good friend of mine Kirsty had her bub Kayden last night, he is in the special care nursery so im sending her my congratulations and best wishes !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blown away

Well i was blown away today when i checked my blog comments. I received a comment from one of my all time fav scrappers Laura Vegas. I have been reading her blog for ages now and check it almost daily , i love her style so streamlined , she has been published many times in various US magazines and i dont know how she got on to my blog but am absolutely thrilled. Check out her blog the link is in my blog links.

Yeah i got a layout of Larsen done last night and i hope to get another done tonight will post them asap

have a great night


the latest photo of young Larsen

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Larsen Allen

Hi all
WE welcomed our latest bundle of joy on 3rd Dec . Larsen Allen was born at 5 14 pm after me being induced at around 2pm ( a very short labour) he was 3.186 kgs and 51cm long. Although the labour was short it was quite PAINFUL as the epidural only worked on one side, eventually the called the dr back into to give me another one as he took it out i said to the midwife i can feel a bit of pressure she looked and there was his head i was 8cm dilated. She went into a tizz as it was a bit unexpected, called my Ob, he literally arrived just in time , two pushes and Larsen was out( unlike Addison where i pushed for an hour and a half), no tears no cuts it was so easy. He fed straight away and David and i were so happy. David actually saw the whole thing he saw the head come out and i looked up to see the rest come out, it was truly amazing.

He is just over a week old and doing well. Addison has been very good with him so far although he is still sleeping lots, we had him weighed and has put on 200 grams since leaving the hospital. I hope to get some scrapping done soon of him trying to take advanatge of David being on holidays. Hope you enjoy these photos will be back soon with some more


Just after he was born

mr sleepy

and meeting big brother Addison