Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas photos

Well we survived Christmas without too mant dramas !
Christmas morning found Addiosn anxious to open the presents under the tree he was eager to open all of them thinking of course they were all his. Both he and Larsen were very lucky Santa was very kind to both, below are a couple of gift opening photos, not the best but thats all i got.
We spent the day at David's brothers house on the Gold coast, Addison had a ball playing with their dog Kelly in the end Kelly was a bit scared of Addison as he literally would not leave her alone.
We ate too much as usual and David drank too much as usual LOL so i ended up having to drive home with everyone else asleep in the car. I love christmas time its such a great time to be with family but now we can try to get back to our normal routine, if thats possible as Larsen is starting to have a few issues with going to sleep.
Hope you all had a great day your selves and i look forward to scrapping some more photos of the kids asap

Addison "helping " Larsen open his presents.
Humpty Dumpty a gift from my sister and her family.

Addison eagerly ripping open the wrapping to his car mat.

till next time

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