Monday, February 23, 2009

brmm brmm

On the weekend we went shopping for a Cosy coop car for playgroup, David put it together and we told Addison he could use the car till Thursday and that it was playgroups. In hindsight this was not a very good idea as he absolutely loved it and we could not get him out of it. We have decided to get one for him as well.Here are some photos of him in the car and putting 'petrol' in it , so cute.

Ive finished a couple of layouts about Addison which im also going to share.

finally, it was my turn to post some techniques over at the scraploot blog come check it out here

Till next time

Monday, February 16, 2009

In the groove

Ive been busy completing a few layouts over the last few days, been in the groove and wanting to strike while the iron was hot.

The first one is of my niece Hayley with Larsen she just adores him I've used the doodlebug flocked paper which i just love.
Then a layout about Addison's latest favourite thing to do at the pool "Do a big DIVE"

A while back I posted some photos of Larsen and David when he was a baby I decided to do a layout documenting their simiarities.
This layout has been removed for publication

Finally, a layout of my dad with Larsen I love the colours in this layout.

Have a great Monday


Friday, February 13, 2009

Rub a dub dub three kids in a tub

Last Sunday Addison went to his friend Maya's third birthday. He and the other littlies had a ball playing with bubbles , the sand pit and of course blowing out the candles. Which every kid wanted to do of course he he.

Kylie Maya's mum who is a great friend from playgroup snapped this photo of some ofthe kids in the clam shell, what a fabulous photo, apparently they were in a boat sailing somewhere.

Well thats it for today hopefully get some scrapping done this afternoon. David has taken Addison to go wild an activity centre and im here listening to the rain which keeps coming


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can you help

Can you help ? Check out this site to make a great contribution to the Victorian bushfire families. Im going to have a go, can you help too ?

its been a while....

Hi all, its been a while since my last post, life has been busy.
Larsen is growing longer and heavier every day, he is such a wonder he is content and happy, Addison is also full of energy. Last weekend he did burn his hand helping David with the lawn mower, its just aweful seeing your little one cry in pain. He is ok now though, he has been busy playing with his many friend s from playgroup which he adores.

Ive finished a couple of layouts that i would love to share with you, and a photo of Larsen who lifts his head way off the ground during tummy time.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all the people devastated by the Victorian bushfires, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, and to those who have lost their homes and possessions. If you can help by making a donation please do so, i made one today at the coles checkout it was so simple.
Take care

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grandparents meet Larsen for the first time.

David 's sister Jo sent us some photos from Christmas day , as I didnt have my camera with me on that day, here are a few favourites from the day, Larsen meeting Grandma and Pop for the first time and a great family photo taken of all the Jeffress'.

Larsen turned two months today, he smiles all the time and has little chats with us, he is such a good bubba.

I finished this layout yesterday of Addison's love at the moment of nursery rhymes, he has a couple of books and reads them constantly, please enjoy.