Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new layouts for design team

Hi all here are my new layouts for the design team at .scraploot.

Addisons favourite saying and thing to do!

Snippets from our new home

A favourite spot at Scarborough

Ultra scan photo at 19 weeks, just beautiful

Addisons favourite place...the park.

Be sure to go on over to the scraploot gallery to check out the other great layouts from the design team, ill be back soon with some photos to share

enjoy your day


Monday, September 22, 2008

fun shares

HI all, well ive been busy finishing off scraploots october design team layouts, i cant share them yet but be on the lookout soon at .scraploot.

I also finished up a couple of layouts last night trying to keep up todate before the bub arrives.

In our new home Addison has a favourite spot where he likes to play on the bottom two stairs of the staircase.

Addison"s milestones at 22 months, he is growing and learning so much he is not my bubba anymore.

Last here are some photos of Addison i took this morning he has just started pretend play in the last couple of weeks, here he is feeding Bob and Barney at his seat at the table, you have gotta love the mind of a child, so sweet and innocent .

strap them in

feed them yoghurt.

give them a drink

Monday, September 15, 2008

spring weather

HI all, well the weather up here in sunny Brisbane has just been spectacular, for those of you who know me, you know i hate the cold and feel it really badly (im known for wearing cardigans in Summer) ive spent the last couple of days in shorts and singlets, im just loving this weather, Addison has been having a ball at the park , we took him again to the train park at Scarborough on Sunday he and David spent two hours there, Addison is so confident at climbing now "more again, more again" he shouts after each slide, as you can see from the photo above he is so happy.
We met our neighbours across the street on the weekend they have a couple of boys around Addison's age so he loved it , ive meet some lovely girls up here my self , its a very friendly place
full of mums and bubs everywhere.

I will leave you with a layout i did over the weekend, of course its about Addison and his love for cars, take care


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fathers day

We spent fathers day morning having breakfast at a lovely cafe in Scarbarough then went across the street to the railway park on the beach. Since coming to Brisbane we have been to this park every weekend, Addison loves it, the parks around North Lakes are not really suitable for Addison so we head over there. I convinced David to wear his superman t shirt so i could put Addison in his, they got so many cute comments about the matching shirts, here they are my two super heroes.

Here is the layout i did for the scraploot blog this past weekend.

Have you checked out all the new goodies they have instore, go on over and check them out you can find them here

till next time have a good week

Thursday, September 4, 2008

layouts to share

Here are my layouts for this months design team at scraploot . I had the task of creating pages with blue and brown papers and i got to use the yummy papers from Kaiser craft

As the saying goes never say never.

Although he put them on the wrong feet Addison was so proud of himself.

Addison just loves pulling things apart and re making them, this car is a favourite of his and his Daddy's , every night when David gets home from work Addison runs to get all the pieces and sits down on the mat to put it back together.

During our last weeks in Sydney i took Addison to the Aquarium at darling harbour, he absolutely loved the giant tank at the end of the Aquarium, he ran up and down the tank watching the different fish swim past.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we have arrived

Well we have made it to sunny Brisbane and are unpacked, organised and ready to discover more about our new home.

Addison adapted well , I have found him swimming lessons at the local pool which he loves , a playgroup which is only new so i dont feel like an outsider and an activity called phisifun, which is very similar to gymberoo which he also enjoys. I have made friends with a girl from the playgroup who has also recently moved up here from Sydney, i hope to meet some more locals soon.

Our house looks amazing i love living here, the layout is big enough for Addison to run around in he also has his own little playroom where all his toys are kept, although his favourite place to play is the the bottom two steps of the staircase.

hope you enjoy the photos of our home .
Ill be back soon with some layouts to share, enjoy your day