Monday, September 15, 2008

spring weather

HI all, well the weather up here in sunny Brisbane has just been spectacular, for those of you who know me, you know i hate the cold and feel it really badly (im known for wearing cardigans in Summer) ive spent the last couple of days in shorts and singlets, im just loving this weather, Addison has been having a ball at the park , we took him again to the train park at Scarborough on Sunday he and David spent two hours there, Addison is so confident at climbing now "more again, more again" he shouts after each slide, as you can see from the photo above he is so happy.
We met our neighbours across the street on the weekend they have a couple of boys around Addison's age so he loved it , ive meet some lovely girls up here my self , its a very friendly place
full of mums and bubs everywhere.

I will leave you with a layout i did over the weekend, of course its about Addison and his love for cars, take care


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