Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we have arrived

Well we have made it to sunny Brisbane and are unpacked, organised and ready to discover more about our new home.

Addison adapted well , I have found him swimming lessons at the local pool which he loves , a playgroup which is only new so i dont feel like an outsider and an activity called phisifun, which is very similar to gymberoo which he also enjoys. I have made friends with a girl from the playgroup who has also recently moved up here from Sydney, i hope to meet some more locals soon.

Our house looks amazing i love living here, the layout is big enough for Addison to run around in he also has his own little playroom where all his toys are kept, although his favourite place to play is the the bottom two steps of the staircase.

hope you enjoy the photos of our home .
Ill be back soon with some layouts to share, enjoy your day

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