Sunday, July 15, 2018

World Emoji Day!

Today I am celebrating world Emoji day with my Heidi Swapp lightbox!
Now when I was doing a little bit of research about Emojis I came across this fun fact!
This is not a Poop emoji. In fact it is a chocolate icecream emoji! Haha - can you even believe it!!!! The worse case of mistaken identity ever!!!!!!

Heidi Swapp lightbox

I just had a little giggle to my self and decided to have a little ice cream party for my boys!

Heidi Swapp lightbox

So next time you are playing around on your phone take a moment to pay homage to the chocolate ice-cream just might make your day!

Heidi Swapp lightbox

You can find the Heidi Swapp lightbox and accessories at your local Jo-Ann store!


1 comment:

Lor said...

For real??? That's so funny!!!