Sunday, October 18, 2015

Who stole the cookies.....

Now before I start this post I have a disclaimer to share...I'm not a baker, I never have been and I probably never will be ...but recently my boys and I had  the best fun making some Christmas cookies using the Brand new Heidi Swapp Cookie Shoppe collection available at Jo-Ann.

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I started by finding an easy cookie recipe  from the internet and made up the dough. I then had my boys (who were by this time totally excited) roll out and use the Snow Flake and NOEL cookie cutters.
My oldest also used the Heidi Swapp Christmas Tree rolling pin to create that fun pattern in the cookies.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswappcookies #christmas

He loved that the Snowflake cookie cutters came with the little shaped cutter to cut a hole in the centre of the cookie.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswappcookies #christmas

My youngest used the NOEL cookie cutters as well as the snowflake cutters!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswappcookies #christmas

I want to share a quick video of my boys working their magic with the cookie cutters!

 Now for a non baker I don't think my cookies turned out too bad, in fact the boys and I was very excited to see how they tasted!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #christmas

I think these will look so pretty on our Christmas table on Christmas day!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #christmas

My youngest son couldn't wait to to spell his  NOEL cookies in the correct order. 

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #christmas

I have plans to make more of these closer to the big day and give them as gifts , I think they would make the perfect homemade gift!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #christmas

Be on the look out for these items as well as all the extra pieces to the Cookie Shoppe collection to wrap and gift your cookies this Christmas from Jo-Ann!



Lizzy Hill said...

THey look fabulous! My little grand boy [at 3 & a bit] arrives here every Friday [it's Ma's 'minding him' day] with a recipe [often a cake picture from a catalogue like Aldi!] or an idea to cook, and EVERY friday we bake...... which is just as well, cos I'd gotten out of the way with no-one at home to bake for ...... so it's a muffin, choc chip cookie, little cakes, hedgehog and last week gingerbread men kitchen here each week! Strangely, though I'm 'over' cooking [been doing it too many years!] I DO ADORE baking with him! He loves it too. Sorry -tangental. But your boys look like they love it. Oh! And pikelets. kids LOVE making pikelets, too ):)

Linda said...

I'd eat them Kim, what a great idea I hope they become available in Aus soon.

Lizzyc said...

Your bikkies look wonderful! I am sure you will be making more !