Monday, July 8, 2013

Game time

This week over on the Heidi Swapp blog we have are celebrating games week.  I decided to make a Super Hero pack for my boys to play with using three different Memory Files.
It all started with some favourite photos of my boys and their friends dressed up in their fav Super Hero costumes. I silhouetted the photo, laminated it and added it to the front of my Memory File. The black skyline is a vinyl wall decal that I got from Spotlight.

I cut the BAM! word with my cameo and spritzed the top of the skyline in Tinsel Color Shine.

The Memory File opens to reveal two reading games I created for my youngest to hone his sightword and letter/sound skills.

I created the skyline image as a base board , printed it off and laminated it for sturdiness and printed off and laminated the sightwords.  The skyline is available as a pdf file
on the Heidi Swapp blog.

The aim is to win a KABOOM! by reading the words correctly.

For my second game I used the same skyline image but added each letter of the alphabet, Next I printed off two pictures for each letter, laminated and cut them up and then placed them in the baggie for storage.

The aim of this game is for him to match each picture with the beginning sound. Again simple and fun….and the best part is -he doesn’t even know he is learning!

Turning the page again this is revealed. A memory game on the left and then on a second Vintage Chic file -the cover to a fun book.

I used a sandwich bag to store my game cards.

Here’s how I created my game. I printed off two of each photo from the Super Hero photo shoot, making sure I had three different poses for each of the four little heroes. I then laminated the photos to make them long lasting .
Of course the game is played by turning over two cards at a time, if they match the player keeps them.
 A second Memory file holds a fun flip book. The cover uses a portrait Skyline image that is available as a pdf to download.

On the inside I used the same skyline image four times. I added an enlarged photo of each cutie that I had trimmed around and glued onto the skyline, I was careful to adhere the image in the exact same position on each page. I then used my paper trimmer to slice down the centre of each page to create two halves that are able to flip back and forth.

Creating some very silly Super Heroes!

My boys thought is was very very funny....
I even managed to catch them on camera!
My final part of my Super Hero pack is a Create a Scene game. I used yet another Memory file and covered the front in pattern paper and another of the skyline images.

On opening the memory file I used more of the vinyl wall decal and Tinsel Color Shine to make my backdrop.

I added in another set of Super Heroes....

Using my cameo I set about cutting from cardstock a number of shapes and objects that could be used in my scene. I also raided my boys lego sticker book for some further Super Hero characters good and bad and laminated all of these as well. The scene was now set to have some fun making up stories and role playing!

and again my boys LOVE IT!

Before I go, for all my Aussie fans, Heidi has a very special announcement on her blog today regarding a visit and classes down under, be sure to check out all the details! I am totally excited!



ScrappyRae10 said...

OMG this is the cutest thing I have seen all week!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


Tracey said...

WOW!!! This is incredible!! What an amazing gift for your kids!!

Jennifer Shaw said...

Wow this is just precious! Lucky boys to have such a fun and personal activity. This will be treasured forever. Your grandkids will probably play with it one day! You are so creative Kim!

Kerryn said...

this is truly one of the most incredible projects I have seen you create to date. Your kids will have a ball with this!

Lydia said...

You ARE sooooooo clever, what a great book and I love all you bam zap, bonks so FAB!!

Lizzyc said...

Kim you are a GENIUS! HOW CLEVER! I love this too! I can hear the batman music in the back ground in my head while look at these... awesomely created.. well done Kim!!

Heather Jacob said...

such fun x

Anonymous said...

Very fun and clever Kim!

Lizzy Hill said...

Amazing - fab ideas, educational AND fun...& so personal...wonderful, Kim:):):)

Treesa said...

WOW! amazing work Kim so so clever. I am super excited you and Heidi are coming to Perth!!! I really hope I will be able to get into your workshop and meet you two amazingly talented ladies xx

amanda73 said...

omg this is brilliant

alexandra s.m. said...

This is flipping amazing Kim!
Where do you get all these incredible ideas?!
Love it!
Thank You for sharing~

Anita B said...

wow kim this is really kool..xx

Diana Waite said...

so SERIOUSLY genius! LOVE it!!

BabyBokChoy said...

WHAT an idea and concept! Fantastic and so well done!! It's super duper cool!

Svetlana Austin said...

Kim you blew my mind away totally! it is such an amazing idea and the way you executed it is stunning! just WOW!!!!

Tarrah McLean said...

Wow this is amazing Kim! Such a fabulous project, no doubt the boys love it!! Totally awesome and I love it too!

lisa said...

I swear you get more and more creative Kim. this is one very cool project!!x

Denise said...

This is wonderful Kim!