Monday, January 7, 2019

Heidi Swapp Gift Kits

Heidi Swapp has some brand new and super super exciting gift kits available now  online at JOANN.
There are so many different  Handmade By Heidi kits, from planners to letter kits to desk accessories! The sky is going to be the limit in the coming year, all your pretty gifts will be in the one place. I am sharing the new Handwriting kits today- there are 3 different styles and they are each filled with a gorgeous glass pen, 3 bottles of shimmery ink, a pretty notebook, a white satin ribbon and a gift tag.

The glass pen is so easy to use, you just choose your ink and dip the nib of the pen into the ink. You can then go ahead and write on your paper, in this case your notebook and then re dip your pen when needed. The glass pen is so easy to use...I was nervous at first but after the first try it was a breeze.

Each kit comes with three different coordinating inks, and when you shake them you can see the shimmer and shine!

Watch the video below of me unboxing and using the glass pen and ink!

The gift kits are the perfect present to give to anyone interested in stationery and writing. They are perfect for writing letters, love notes and anything in between.
 Don't forget you can find these gift kits at online at  Joann  now! 



Jossie Posie said...

cant wait to get my hands on the calligraphy supplies!!

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