Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Celebrating "Finding Dory" with my Lightbox

13 years ago one of my most favourite movies came out, Finding Nemo! Being an Australian and having our Great Barrier Reef as the star of the show I think makes it even closer to my heart.
I cannot wait for the sequel to come out. It starts today and I dont know If I am more excited or my boys.

I thought I would celebrate a little at home with my Heidi Swapp Lightbox and the Celebration in Lights kits available at Michaels stores!

The Celebrate star kit comes with all the pieces you need, just assemble and turn on the lights!

I adore the new font available for the Lightbox, its perfect for any movie theme.

I added in some of the DIY popcorn holders from the Celebration Party Kit also available at Michaels.

Isn't is just perfect lit up! I am totally ready to go and "find dory"


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