Thursday, October 17, 2013

week 35

So I have fallen behind in my project life. I just need a full day to try to catch up!! Haha fat Chance!

The left side...

A new favourite flair from Greatest View....This message went out in the first email after registration closed for Make Pretty Stuff Down Under! So exciting!

The right side.

I had extra photos so I created a flap using some photos and washi tape.

Another flap..



Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous, you ever handwrite or just do the typing? It looks great, really neat & professional...I just couldn't be bothered. I'm a bit of a lazy scrapper, methinks:):):)

Lizzyc said...

Wow Kim you put so much work into each page, they look amazing.. and some days I wish I could have the whole day to scrap, maybe when I am retired!!hehe!

Kerryn said...

Oh man! Love love!!

Tarrah McLean said...

Just love every detail you do to your PL spreads, totally AMAZING, gorgeous :)