Monday, April 12, 2010

lets play tag!!!

I have been tagged by the lovely Pearl who's blog I have recently started following, I have to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and then pass this award along to 5 other bloggers I here goes
1 My boys
2 Scrapping my boys
3 Being married to my awesome and thoughtful hubby
4 Living in gorgeous sunny Brisbane and the best kid friendly street around
5 Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
6 Law and order SVU
7 Spending quite time reading with my boys
8 Watching Addison chat chat chat chat chat..
9 Watching Larsen giggle and giggle and giggle
10 My mum being finally out of hospital.

1 I have a lady bug tattoo above my right cheek
2 I have been to NY 4 times and its my most favourite place to be
3 I miss being a teacher sometimes
4 But I love being a mum most of all
5 I think I own more border punches than any scrapper out there

I'm passing it onto to these gorgeous gals...
My bestess bestess friend(giggle giggle) taryn
Sarah who's work always soooooo inspires me all the way over there in Canada
Shell who intrusted me with her lovely buttons to play with
Stephanie who makes the most gorgeous pins that I use ALL the time
and LG who does the most amazing girly pretty devine pages around
Thats it for now, I hope you can pop over to all these lovely ladies and check out their work..
Till next time...


Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I would tag you, but it`s been done! Cheers!

Pearl said...

Thanks for being such a sport with this , Kim ! & I'm happy to see blogging friends on your list I would have tagged too if not for the 5 name limit ! lol

Taryn said...

Ha ha ha. Thanks for the tag!!! yep, knew all that, except maybe the location of the tat (no, I don't want to see it). he he he. Definately knew the part about the punches. You are SUCH a puncha holic!

LG said...

this is so cool! Thanks for tagging me.I am so flattered. HUGS