Thursday, September 27, 2018

Save your photos!

Hands up if you have ever had the very misfortune of losing your photos? 
Do you see my hand waving firmly in the air, yes I have!! Several years ago my family and I took our first trip to the US and we visited all the fun parks. Fast forward 6 months and I had to get a new computer and BAM all my photos from our trip somehow disappeared! To say I was devastated is an understatement. The scrapbooker and Memory keeper was devastated but more importantly the mum in me was devastated! All those amazing family stories from our trip gone. 
I made a vow then and there to take better care of the storage of my photos. 

Heidi Swapp letterboard

We have several places where we save our photos now. In the cloud of course, and my husband also once a month  transfers all the photos from my computer into a disc. 

At this very moment I have 7,356 photos on my phone. I have my phone  synced  to my computer and the photos  automatically transfer to my computer every time I turn my computer on. Imagine if I lost my phone?? those photos would be gone for ever!

Heidi Swapp letterboard

See that photo in the frame? I can name the place, time and what we were doing just by looking at the photo...If it wasn't printed and saved the sweet family memory would be lost forever.

Heidi Swapp letterboard

I not only save my photos  digitally but also through my Memory keeping. There is nothing more satisfying than printing photos then creating a pretty page and the slipping it into an album. I know I will now have that memory for ever.
I encourage you what ever way works for you, save those photos- Photos are an important part of our history and collection of memories!