Wednesday, March 25, 2009

layouts to share

Hi everyone in my last post I mentioned taht I wasnt happy with my scrapping of late. Well I have tuned the corner and am trying some new things and am extremely happy with how thes two turned out.
Hope you enjoy looking at them too. The first one chronicles Addisons independance, wanting to do everything him self. The second a fun one about his cozy coupe car.
Thats it for now, be sure to check out the scraploot blog this weekend Its my turn to update it.

Happy scrapping

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Taryn said...

Oh so funny! I just left you a note on FB saying how you definately have your mojo back. Glad you agree! Another funny thing - I just actually took notice of your title on "summer fun". I am just about to finish one with exactly the same title! Freaky! Will be sure to show once I actually get round to sticking it all down. Better stop mucking around on the computer then...