Sunday, October 19, 2008

boys and dirt

What is it with boys and dirt, this is Addisons new thing "diggin the dirt" as he likes to call it, the dirt usually ends up all over him the lawn and yesterday the porch which i have put a stop too!
he just loves being out there moving the dirt around from one place to another either by hand, bucket or spade, My husband loves it thinks he is a real boy Now LOL but me mmmmm i keep thinking of the white walls and green lounge inside (chuckle chuckle)

till next time



Lali said...

Great photos there Kim and yep I'd be thinking of the cleaning I will then have to do lol but I have 3 girls so don't have to worry about that but perhaps makeup on walls etc lol.

Kylie said...

Oh Kim I can soo relate with 4 boys!!...but thinking about it our 3 girls haven't been much better!!
Those are gorgeous pics of Addison!!....hope your keeping will and will have to try an organise a catch up before we move!!...soo much to do & not enough hours in a day lately!!
Take care
Kylie x