Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Light Up Christmas with new 4 inch Marquee

Did you hear....Christmas is only 46 days away!! What!!!!!! Yes can you believe it ....and I don't know about you but I am so very excited. It really is my most favorite time of the year. One of the things I love the most is decorating my home and with some of the new Marquee Love Christmas collection  available now at Michaels it is even easier! I want to share with you one area in my home that is all ready for December! I have this fun peg board that I bought recently from Kmart Australia and I am loving it as a place to display my light boxes. It is now also proudly displaying my new Mini 4 inch Marquee Banner lights  that are strung together to make  the word WISH.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

 These are so fun and the easiest DIY light up Christmas Banners ever. They can totally be customized to suit your decor. Let's see where  I started. I gathered my supplies- the four inch letters to spell wish, the coordinating remote to turn the letters on and off,  Marquee Love coloured bulbs, white glitter paper and  my new favorite Deco Art Metallics Teal paint.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

 I then painted the outside of the letters with the teal paint and allowed them to dry. I trimmed around the letter inserts with some of the white glitter paper and inserted them into the letters and then added in the colored bulbs.I then followed Heidi's instructions she shares on her video below to string my lights together.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

I then hung them at an uneven level on my pegboard,  tying some fishing line around the pegs and white wire that attaches all the letters. To hide the wire I tied two red and white striped ribbons and attached them to the pegs.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

The neat thing about these lights that I mentioned before is that you use the remote to turn them on and off. Do you spy that black and white box sitting on the bottom shelf- that's the remote. On the shelf above the "wish" you can also see the battery pack and antenna that is needed to turn the lights  on and off. Heidi shares in the video why it is important that the battery pack is visible, be sure to check that out.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

I also used my shelf lightbox and included some of the slides meant for the regular lightbox to decorate my peg board.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas

And finally I used my regular lightbox with more of the new Christmas slides, icons  and backgrounds to complete my display.

  Kim Jeffress for Heidi Swapp Marquee Christmas Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year... and now it is going to be even more special! Check out Heidi's how to video here!




jamie said...

I just keep on adoring this!!!

Unknown said...

I am so in love with this I can't even stand it! Now how do I get my hands on one of those pegboards? Please give me some awesome tips!?