Friday, May 23, 2014

2 months later....

Today I am sharing almost two months of my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, yikes where is the year going...
Lets start with April.

For April I decided to dedicate the month to things that make me happy!

I added in a  QR code of my favourite song at the moment Happy so when ever  I want to watch or listen to the song I can simply scan it with me phone.

Being School Holidays there were lots of fun kids activities.

I included a gorgeous drawing from my youngest.

Turning the page to the calendar page.

More school holiday fun.

I love that I have captured the every day in our lives.

Next comes May.

Being the month of Mothers Day I decided to use the prompts page to record some thoughts on being a mum.

Favourite photos from Mothers Day, along with Heidi's FREE printable found here.

May isn't over yet , I still have some photos to add but I wanted to record our selfie series on Heidi's blog this month.

My boys made me some Mothers Day cards at school and I needed a way to keep them safe in my planner.

I used some small magnets disguised by paper circles on the planner and magnets on the back of the cards to hold them in place but can be easily removed to add to or view the calendar.

More QR codes of videos of my boys that I want to cherish in the future....

Ill be sure to share June very soon.


Leanne said...

just beautiful..x

Lizzyc said...

Wow when you unpack a month or two like that you see just how busy you have been.. looks wonderful Kim!!

Lizzy Hill said...

This is fabulous - especially the code ideas & how you've managed to fit in your mums day cards....looks wonderful:):)

alexandra s.m. said...

Wow! Awesome job Kim!!
What a treasure you have made there!
Thank You for sharing it with us!

Ashley Horton said...

Looks awesome Kim! I always love the bright colors you use!

Nathalie said...

I still love this project so much!!! Loving the colors and the photos + it's so fun to look at all the details on each page!

Sheila Kay said...

Kim, you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you! I made a Mothers Day card for my daughter that has qr codes of her singing in church. She loved it! Something she can enjoy and her boys in years to come. So inspired.

Unknown said...

You rock Kim! I love your pages!