Thursday, March 12, 2009

layouts and a surprise

Hi all , hope you are all doing well. I have some layouts to share and a little something that was left on my doorstep today. The thing you will notice about all the layouts is that Larsen is wearing the same out fit and doing the same thing in each photo. This was not done on purpose, its just which layouts I had left to complete from my last batch of photos. LOL

Addison just loves doing tummy time with Larsen.

Although this photo was taken a while ago the message is still the same he is growing like a weed.

These arrived on my doorstep today, a beautiful anniversary surprise from my husband who is working in Melboune. Happy four year anniversary David, I love you !

till next time

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Taryn said...

Beautiful layouts, Kim. Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the little flowers on the last one. Happy anniversary - what beautiful flowers!