Wednesday, January 21, 2009

things to share

Hi all

I have a few things to share with you today. Ive been busy trying out our new camera on the boys and doing a bit of scrapping as well.

Larsen was 7 weeks yesterday he had his 6 week check up and is doing great, he weighs 5.08 kgs and growing and changing every day.He smiles lots now and is starting to make gurggling sounds which sounds so sweet.

Addison just adores him and gets so excited doing tummy time, he goes and gets a blanket to lie on and lies down and waits for me to lay Larsen down.

Ive done a couple of layouts that i can share with you , the others will be revealed on Feb 1 when they are posted for scraploot DT.

Its been so hot and sticky here over the past few days thank god for air conditioners !

growing like a weed.

brotherly love!
A favourite of Addisons

see you soon

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