Thursday, February 25, 2016

DIY Gallery Wall Decor for your Craft studio

Have you heard ? Heidi Swapp will be releasing a brand new and way over the top incredible Home Decor Gallery Wall collection exclusive to Micheal's in the coming weeks. I am so honoured to share some of the pieces with you today and share how I restyled one of the walls in my craft studio. Lets start with the over all picture of my new shelving area. Isn't it just the prettiest.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Let's take a closer look at some of the pieces in the collection. Sitting on my white cupboard is the small white frame with the polka dot mat the can be DIYed with Colorshine to suit the colours and decor of your room. 

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

I have sprayed it with the new hot pink Colorshine and  I just adore how it really pops. I did spray over the top of the pink with the new clear Colorshine  to tone it down a touch and add that extra bit of glimmer.  The frames are so light weight they can be placed anywhere.  I placed a favourite family photo inside the mat then displayed it on a vintage stand from my stash.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Beside my frame I added some personal elements but also added in that "the best is yet to come" print from the Gallery Wall Art  collection. I have displayed it in my vintage flower frog. It will be easy to change out to another of the cards in the collection when  I need some new inspiration.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

    The bottom hanging shelf holds that stunning wooden arrow that I glittered to an inch of its life with the new Mint Colorshine, isn't that colour just delish!!!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Leaning on the back wall is that white metal wall plaque that is magnetic. I added in another  Gallery Print and a large banner that I trimmed from the new 12 inch paper pad from the Gallery Wall Art collection. I attached it to the metal plaque with that yummy scrummy mint bulldog clip, it's one of my favourite pieces in the whole collection. To the right of the plaque I have placed some of the brand new 1 and 2 inch washi tape from the collection inside my apothecary jar. I love that it is pretty and functional at the same time.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

To the left of my wooden arrow is some of the brand new mediums in the collection.  Mint and Hot   Pink Colorshine, Glitter and texture  paste.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

On the top shelf sits the large white frame from the collection, Ilove the fancy design which adds a touch of elegance to my decor. The mat has been customised with some Mint colorshine.  Inside the frame I have used one of the brand new 11 inch stencils with the hot pink texture paste, layering it over some sturdy clear acetate. Once it was dry I trimmed it and adhered it to the back of the mat.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Beside the frame is one of the funkier pieces in the collection. The faux pallet board. 
These  come in two sizes, this one being the smaller size and they are made from paper but look like pallet board and can be totally decorated to match your decor. I have whitewashed mine  with the new White Distress paint Kit. I then added some flowers from my stash wrapped in twine to complete. 

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

 I just adore this view looking down, so fresh and inviting.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Let me share one last view of my new shelving area.  It is definitely my most favourite place not only in my craft studio but also my home. The pretty but bold colours and patterns against the white backdrop of my walls and shelving create a stunning impact.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsgallerywall #homedecor

Be on the look out for this incredible new Gallery Wall collection from Heidi Swapp  at your nearest Micheal's soon.



  1. Gosh you know how to do color!!! This is just so fun, Kim! You rocked it for sure.

  2. I agree with Jamie! Love it and had inspired me to redo my shelving too.

  3. I agree with Jamie! Love it and had inspired me to redo my shelving too.


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