Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greatest View

It's time for the NEW release over at Greatest View, Gail has created some beautiful new buttons and embellishments including....
                                                                   Starburst buttons
                                           Minikits with Elle's Studio tags, silk flowers and vintage buttons

                                                       chevron and sunsburst buttons

                                                                   Elle's Studio tags
          mini kits including  Elle's Studio tag, yoyos and 2012 button (available in a variety of colour sets)

                                                                Easter Buttons(boys)

                                                              Easter buttons (girls)

                                                      calico yoyos and rolled flowers

                                                              Easter definition buttons

Mothers Day buttons

chevron paper bags

                                                          kraft patterned paper bags

                                                                 school paper bags

                                                                         glassine bags

                                                                 Elle's Studio tags
Sale starts 7pm April 1st Brisbane time...


  1. Look at all this great stuff!! I love love all the chevron patterns, especially on the bags and those buttons.

  2. Fun stuff! Love the new sunburst buttons!

  3. I do love Elle's tags, so useful and handy to have for projects of all sorts!

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  5. Yum yum yum! Love everything you've shown here!