Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here is an older photo of Addison last Spring. I went through a stage where I loved using 8 x 12 photos. Ah the sweetness of Spring. Love the colour combination here.

Have a fabulous Sunday


  1. Brilliant photo Kim and I love this layout :)

  2. Blue and green - just perfect for a cute photo :)

    Hi Kim - I just got back today from a few days holiday :) I emailed J&R not long ago and as soon as I hear back I will update my blog :) I too can get testing forums....which is a little more than earlier - I am gathering though - they may have lost of structure of the forum -= perhaps - adjusting to a new provider!! Cheers Mel

  3. Gorgeous, the photo is priceless.

    :)Marcia P

  4. Gorgeous boy. Love that colour combo, too.