Friday, September 25, 2009

Havent created a layout for a while just for me so here is one, Larsen took ages to get a tooth and when he did two popped out together instead of one !!!

Have a glorious Saturday



  1. Lachlan was like that, he got two, then four more, then two more. Never one at a time. Love the LO.

  2. Awesome layout for this special memory Kim. :)

  3. Love that gorgeous blue you have used on this layout and those lovely shiny green letters. What a gorgeous photo too. B-)

  4. Hey Kim

    Popped past tonite and leaving a comment to let you know I have now added your blog into my google reader - have lost my link now RSS is shut.


  5. Hi there - just popping in to make contact - now that there is no RSS I will have to pop into your blog to see your gorgeous work.

    If you have facebook please add me as a friend. Michelle Harvey Turner

    Great layout by the way :)

    Michelle Turner x

  6. Hi Kim!

    Just got your note on my blog... sorry, I have no idea. I've been trying all day. I've only been there 2 days and I'm having withdrawals already, is that sad? LOL!! Likely the server is just being naughty and it will be up soon.

  7. Hi again Kim... I have more info, they've had a server drama and will be up and running again as soon as they can.

    Meanwhile I've been loving your LO's here, beautiful work!!