Wednesday, May 6, 2009

some layouts and the little man turns 5 months

I have been a busy little beaver with my scrapbooking lately, joining in some challenges and trying some new things. This first one is Larsen's 4 month milestone layout, its a bit hard to see but the journalling is on the red spot paper.

Addison is obsessed with diggers we see them all around North Lakes.

Larsen turned 5 months on Sunday, yikes the time is slipping away so fast. He is such a cutie, loves Addison chuckles at him all the time and follows him with his eyes. He has rolled a few times and "talks " non stop . On occasion he has slept through. He loves his new bumbo chair he can see what is happening all the time.

till next time

happy scrapping book


  1. OMG - your LO's are so fabulous. Also love your photography.

  2. What a cutie... Gotta love that photo of the little guy!